Ricks Institute

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Ricks Institute

Not For Self, But For Others

Honest Taxi Driver Is Now A Student At Ricks Institute

In October of last year (2021), after hearing about Emmanuel’s honesty with returning the money he found, and after watching the video of President Weah meeting and naming Emmanuel Integrity Ambassador (https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-60915170.amp), I called RIAAL President Mohamed and asked him if he could explore the possibility of us getting Emmanuel to Ricks because he would be a good role model for the children, and attending Ricks would also be good for him. President Mohamed’s response was ” Madam Chair, I’m sure we can make it happen. Let me check and get back to you.”

As part of our RIAA-USA and RIAAL partnership and collaboration, we got Emmanuel to Ricks. I had the pleasure of meeting Emmanuel when I was at Ricks last month.
I cannot thank RIAAL President Mohamed enough for understanding the importance of the request to enroll Emmanuel at Ricks and partnering to make it happen. We need more Emmanuels and more Mohameds because, we are not for self but for others.

Stella Polaris!

Rena Smith-Jarrett, National Chairlady RIAA-USA

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