Ricks Institute

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Ricks Institute

Not For Self, But For Others

Boarding at ricks

Boarding At Ricks
At Ricks Institute, our desire is for our students to learn and grow as they live together in a safe and comfortable community.
Boarding at Ricks offers students the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a matter of fact, we believe that Ricks teaches during the day, but the education continues well into the night in our residential community.
We take great care to assist our students in developing.
Development Focus:
    1. Skills that support and teach meaningful study habits for effective life-long education.
    2. Opportunities and ability to contribute responsibly and ethically to the campus, dorms, etc.
    3. Skills that allow for feelings of self-worth and effectiveness as students deal with daily responsibilities and challenges.
    4. Social skills that allow for positive relationships with peers and others.
    5. A knowledge base and skills that encourage positive, safe, health-protective behaviors.
Why Boarding School In Liberia?

Boarding schools are well known for their academic excellence and Ricks Institute is no exception.

In addition to our small class sizes compared to a typical Liberian school, a curriculum beyond the prescribed Ministry of Education of Liberia’s curriculum, our boarding students enjoy the distinct advantage of having an “extended family” that includes some of the greatest teachers in Liberia and students from around Liberia and beyond.

Our program allows our faculty to seize every teachable moment whether in the classroom, around the dinner table, on the sporting ground or in the dorm.